Yesterday I spent the morning sowing seeds in the polytunnel that we can pot up later in the summer. We always concentrate on sowing perennials and biennial plants around the campsite as they are great for lazy gardening. But it is good to have a few flavoursome additions for salads and stews cooked over the campfire.

We also grow some pots with plants that can go into our tea bed.

This year I have put in lots of flat leaved parsley and coriander that will get established under cover and can then go into some pots in a few weeks time. These pots will be around reception where campers can have a handful of leaves to flavour the salads they are creating in the camping meadow ready for a fireside supper.

The monthly farmers market in Lewes was on yesterday. This bimonthly event attracts growers from across Sussex and is a great place to find all sorts of interesting produce. The Lewes farmers market is held twice a month and the dates are listed on the link.

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