This weekend we took delivery of our small flock of mixed sheep who are tasked with grazing throughout the campsite. Our flock of sheep comes from down the road in the Sussex village of Offham, just near to the Blacksmiths Arms. Owena who owns the flock is happy for them to sped the winter at the secret campsite where they graze back areas of bramble and rough grass that we let grow over the summer.

This is all part of the habitat management plan we have for the site and aims to increase the diversity of species in this part of Sussex.

The flock is a mixture of Shetlands, Badger faces and the odd Jacob and they are wonderful browsers. One of the problems with these sheep is that they are quite small so for the first week or so I need to check them regularly to as they are prone to becoming entangled in the brambles and need cutting out.

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