Just like last year we are hosting to Owenas small flock of Shetland sheep, who will be grazing the camping areas over the winter. There are 18 of them and they are a mixed bag of colours, one even has spectacles around its eyes.

By keeping the grass grazed we avoid the site turning into scrub although some areas are left for a few years before we allow the sheep in. This approach ensures that we have a mosaic of habitats around the campsite. Some areas will only be cut every 7 years whilst other parts including the pitches get an annual trim.

Sussex Wildlife Trust run a brilliant landscape management course which I went on a few years ago and the campsite is managed along these lines to ensure that we encourage lots of varied Sussex wildlife into the camping meadows for our campers to enjoy.

This years flock of sheep has been joined by our 3 lambs from the spring. These are 2 Jacobs ewes and our own Shetland ram lamb.

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