Its world book day today which created the opportunity for a walk to school up the old railway track that runs through the campsite. I was accompanied by members of the cast from Little House on the Prairie and Billionaire Boy. Maddy and Charlotte were great company for the short walk up to the village, although the track is still pretty muddy from all of the winter rain that we have had. Obviously it never rains at the secret campsite, just around the borders so the boggy sussex ground was quite a surprise to us all.

Once the celebrities had been dropped off at school along with a brilliant array of outfits and smiles, I ambled back to the campsite taking a few photos en route. It is a beautiful morning here in Sussex so the birds were in full voice and as I approached the meadow a solitary Raven took off from a lofty perch, followed by the heron who flew up out of the pond. Sadly my photography skills didn’t enable me to record these exciting moments, so you’ll have to take it on trust and have a look for yourself. Herons are odd birds with a flight that makes them look very uncoordinated and huge. In fact it is technically a Grey Heron.

Here are a few snaps from the walk home all pretty drab but I enjoyed taking them

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