I woke this morning to the sound of torrential rain on the skylight. But, on closer investigation it turned out to be the first snow of the season.

The sheep in the camping meadow have only just arrived. So, it was probably a big surprise for them. All of them were born this spring, so it is their first encounter with the white stuff.

Hopefully, it won’t stop them grazing to help keep the grass down in the camping meadow. Its the reason they spend the winter with us and they do a great job.

Keeping the grass short, encourages lots of creatures into the rich wildlife habitats that have been created. It also enables a wide variety of flowers to establish and set seed for following years. These meadow flowers are a perfect food source for a wide variety of nsetcs including butterfies and bees.

These in turn become food for a rich variety of native fauna and the cycle continues.

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