As we emerge blinking from the chilly, dark December months, our thoughts turn to the start of the camping season in March.

We will open on March 25th for intrepid campers and their willing families. However, for those who aren’t quite ready to lie about in the camping meadow under canvas tents….. just yet, we have the perfect solution for you. Stay in one of the Secret Shelters at the Secret Campsite instead!

Secret Shelters

Our 3 Secret Shelters are all very different. One is up a tree. One is on a platform. One is hexagon shaped. All accommodate different sized groups.

The Okra

We introduced the Okra at the Secret Campsite last season. Quirky and comfortable are the main hallmarks. It has a bold five-sided shape with precision wooden cladding and a simple interior. The Okra comfortably sleeps up to 3 people which includes a maximum of 2 adults.

The top double bunk bed always elicits the bellow “bagsy the top bunk” from young and old. We do this too! Last summer we commissioned our talented friend Sandra Hurst Chico, to weave a curving willow screen around the Okra pitch, providing privacy and seclusion for our guests.

the OKRA at the Secret Campsite Lewes
Woven willow fence at the Okra

The Tree Tent

Our famed Tree Tent was the first of it’s kind to go up in England. It is suspended on 3 sturdy oak trees and accessed via wooden stairs onto a small platform, perfect for a sundowner or warming hot chocolate. Or caffeine for the faint hearted. In summer 2021 we extended the platform and rejigged the stairs to provide a less steep incline. Sleeping 3 people (2 adults and 1 child), the Tree Tent offers fantastic views across the campsite and onto the South Downs National Park.

Located on the edge of the woodland, The Tree Tent sways gently in the breeze and its 2 windows and clear roof transports you to the land of Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree Be prepared to hear the owls hooting very close by!

The GridShell

Back on the ground with The Gridshell. Sleeping a maximum of 5 people (max 4 adults) The Gridshell has 2 double futons with mattresses and 2 extra rollout mattresses for those sleeping on the floor. Built from locally sourced wooden laths of ash, thats curved to create a shell shape, it is a popular family choice. Sandra wove her magic here again, to create a willow dining canopy offering light protection from sun and showers.

The Gridshell at The Secret Campsite Sussex
Sunny days in The Gridshell

Cooking at our Secret Shelters

All 3 of our Secret Shelters have fire pits where you can cook your meals over the open fire. We provide basic cooking equipment for you too, kettle, saucepan, mugs, plates and cutlery. The Secret Teapot is also open during office hours, offering liquid refreshments, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, plus locally sourced beers, cider and gin.

Local pubs and restaurant options?

We are spoilt for choice for good pubs and restaurants. Options include The Royal Oak, The Peacock, The Five Bells and a multitude of options in Lewes

There’s some more great images of the Shelters on our Instagram too.

So if you fancy a Spring break, where you are surrounded by nature and still enjoy some creature comforts then take a look at our Secret Shelters, perfect for March and April trips!

Better still if you book before 20th January 2022 you’ll get the 2021 prices.

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