How’s this for a sunrise.

Today i have been out assisting the sheep by clearing some of the south facing grass banks around the campsite.  We are very lucky in Sussex where we get lots of sunshine during the summer. This is a great asset for a wide variety of butterflies. In order to keep an open habitat for them to flourish we need to cut back parts of the site to avoid brambles taking over.

Brambles are very welcomed in certain parts of the site but we have 2 glorious south facing grass banks that are worth looking after.

The sheep help with this but every now and then I clear them comprehensively in the autumn to ensure the grass sward is kept open and lots of flowering plants can thrive which are a food source for the butterflies and other flying insects.

Doing this ensures campers at the secret campsite get to see a wide variety of species native to Sussex including the brilliant glow worm

On a more salutary note, i have heard that there are plans afoot to sell off parts of the publicly owned Downland in Sussex to private enterprise. Great for champagne drinkers but possibly less beneficial for the local creatures. We wait to hear more.

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