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Team Building in Nature - in Sussex ​

Have you noticed how being outdoors helps you find elusive answers more quickly – both personally and professionally?

Team building in nature will develop stronger team connections, boost creativity, generate new ideas and enhance team well-being.

Escape your technology-fuelled, overstimulated, busy life for a nature-led, peaceful adventure. The Secret Campsite is surrounded by beautiful woodland in Lewes, Sussex. It’s near Brighton and just a short trip from London, Kent and Surrey.

Business group at 24 Hours In Nature in The Hide
The Secret Campsite - Nature in Lewes, East Sussex

Start new conversations, generate clever ideas
& create lasting memories as a team

At The Secret Campsite, we’ve created a peaceful space where groups of colleagues can meet, chat, free their minds and be inspired by the many wonders of the natural world. We’ve created three options for your team building in nature adventure, based around your budget and the time you have available

Tell me more about what’s included in your different team building in nature packages?


24-Hour In Nature Adventure

With Overnight Glamping / Camping

When you spend one whole turn of the earth immersed in nature, you experience the world differently. 

Your own Wildlife Host will introduce you to a wide variety of species and you’ll get to spend slow time with your team-mates. 

As well as enjoying the team building in nature activities, your 24 hours includes accommodation, three meals and refreshments throughout your stay.

“Michael kept us all engaged and interested, roaring with laughter. I felt like a child again. (In a good way!)”
Privet hawk moth at the secret campsite

12-Hour Escape into Nature 

Day or Night

Our 12-Hour Nature experiences are designed around the season and your team’s interests. 

They make for an incredible team building experience, yet you only need to take one day out of your working week. 

Maybe an overnight stay accompanied by a moth trap or dawn chorus walk – there are lots of team building in nature activities to choose from. 

12 Hours in Nature events include two meals and simple refreshments throughout the event.

“The night walk was very special. Walking through the same woods at a different time of the day felt almost magical.”
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4-Hour Nature Encounter

Morning or evening

Whet your team’s appetites with a short taste of what nature has to offer.

Perhaps a dawn chorus walk, then back at your desk for lunch, or tucked up in your own bed the same evening after a guided bat walk. 

Each event has simple refreshments, including cake or pastries, available to enjoy before or after the team building in nature activity. 

This can be upgraded to a meal on request.

“I didn’t expect the team building in nature activities to be as informative as they were. I was fascinated by everything that was explained to us.”

Sounds great.

But what activities can I do, when we’re “team building in nature”?​

Take a look at this list of fascinating and interactive activities for your team building in nature experience.

 – Pre-sunrise dawn chorus walks – 

 – Glow-worm hunting – 

 – Dusk and night walks equipped with bat detectors – 

-Woodland wildlife walks – 

 – Snake, lizard and amphibian explorations – 

 – Night filming sessions on special woodland trail cameras – 

 – Mammal and moth trapping (all are released unharmed) – 

 – Star and planet gazing with telescopes – 

 – Butterfly safaris – 

 – Moonlit night walks – 

– Identifying nocturnal noises – 

 – Listen to the eerie sound of the deer rut (September) – 

 – Study the moon in detail as it rises into the night sky –

 – Chase the dusk and discover the magical time between day and night – 

 – Discover flares and sun spots on our closest star – 

 – Freetime for walks and discussion around a campfire – 

 – Wholesome alfresco team meals – 

The availability of some activities will depend on how long you are with us, the weather, and the time of year. We’ll help create a tailored, interactive programme of team building in nature activities to suit you and your colleagues.

Whether you’ve come from Brighton, Sussex, London, Surrey, Kent or across the UK, you’ll feel transported into a magical world – fully immersed in nature and away from light pollution and noise.

Our team building in nature adventures have been enjoyed by groups from companies of all different sizes.

Hear how it was great for their teams

Breakfast 24 Hours in Nature

"It’s exciting to do something new (and eco-friendly) and break away from traditional, competitive team building stuff, isn’t it?"

This is still business… so what are the benefits of team building in nature?

Innovation and Inspiration

Exposure to nature’s hugely varied stimuli will generate innovative ideas and fresh thinking. The clever solutions that nature finds will inspire answers to your own business challenges and spark dynamic new conversations in your team.

Team and Individual Wellbeing

Connecting with each other in a unique, calm and inspiring environment can increase your team’s sense of fulfilment, connectedness and general wellbeing. The experiences gained through the varied team building in nature activities will also enhance their sense of loyalty to your company – a business that looks to and cares for the future.

Business Reputation

If you have genuine environmental and team-first values, organising and sharing your team building in nature activities will showcase your commitment to those values to customers, prospects, potential employees, suppliers and stakeholders, building trust and reputation with all these groups.

sparrow at the Secret Campsite

Nature has been solving problems for millions of years. Biomimicry is learning from and borrowing the strategies found in nature to solve human design challenges.

By enjoying our team building in nature activities, you will gain so much more than a quick burst of fun with your team.

Our peaceful, outdoor adventures give you the space to develop deeper team connections, while achieving further meaningful business benefits.

Now you are probably wondering about food, drink, where you stay and what it all costs to bring your team to enjoy these team building in nature experiences…

Food & Drink

We provide locally sourced vegetarian meals and cater to vegans and a range of dietary needs—just let us know your preferences.

Meals might include fresh omelettes and salads, spiced dahls and curries. You can enjoy overnight oats, fruit, yoghurts, nuts and seeds for breakfast.

Teas, coffee and cordials are available throughout the stay and we offer an alcohol-free pay bar during the evening. 

We’ve found that alcohol-free team building in nature events greatly enhance the conversations, the experience and the memories our guests take home.

Accommodation and Facilities

It’s not just your team building in nature activities that could be a new experience. You could sleep in one of our three Secret Shelters (including a tree tent)! 

There are also pre-erected private bell or hiking tents. All have futons or raised-frame beds. We can also provide sleeping bags, blankets and pillows if required.

We’ll happily offer a discount for guests who bring their own tents and equipment.

In our newly constructed wash house, you’ll have free hot solar showers, EV car chargers, firewood, wheelbarrows to bring any kit to your pitch, and normal toilets, flushed by rainwater.

There is electricity for charging mobile devices and powering your hair dryer.

“I booked to stay at the Secret Campsite with my small group of work colleagues for some team building in nature, away from the usual everyday distractions. The team had a great time – both fun and productive, and the Griffin pub was a hit as well!”
Stuart May, Google, London, UK
The Secret Campsite - Nature in Lewes, East Sussex

Getting Here

We’re located just outside the South Downs National Park in Sussex, 15 miles from Brighton, 45 miles from Guildford in Surrey, 38 miles from Maidstone in Kent and 1 hour from London by train.

We can help arrange transportation from local stations.

Prices for our Team Building in Nature Packages​


A 24 Hour In Nature Adventure starts from £240 per person for 10 – 15 people. This includes accommodation, three meals and typically 4 team building in nature activities


A 12 Hour Escape into Nature (day or night) starts from £150 per person for 10-15 people. This typically includes 2 team building in nature activities, along with 2 meals and simple refreshments throughout the event.


A 4 Hour Nature Encounter (day or night) starts from £50 per person for 10-15 people. Each event has simple refreshments, including pastries, before or after one team building in nature activity. You can choose to upgrade to a meal.

The Secret Campsite - Nature in Lewes, East Sussex

How to Book

To discuss what your team could be discovering together and to book your team building in nature experience, please email, or call 01273 401100.

We want to connect people with the natural world & inspire them to be its champions.

We designed the Secret Campsite to minimise our footprint and maximise the joys and benefits of being in nature.

Everything we’ve built—including our Wash House, the solar PV, our various EV chargers, and the food waste system—is designed to minimise disruption to the environment and the huge variety of species we live alongside.

We’re in the process of our B Corporation certification and are excited to bring our unique location and team building in nature activities to your business.

Find out more about Tim and Lisa, founders of The Secret Campsite in Sussex.