Having been granted planning permission for the first tree tent in England to be put up on the edge of the ancient woodland that surrounds The Secret Campsites camping meadow, we are now nearly ready to make it available for weekend visits. There has been a growing interest in our Sussex Tree Tent, with the TV series reaching a huge audience of people keen to spend the night in an interesting space, and we would love to hear your thoughts on the Tree Tent, which will soon be joined by another exciting structure, from the Tree Tent designer.

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Once things like insurance have been arranged, campers will be able to spend a couple of nights up in the trees with views over the camping meadow. Looking out from the two windows in the suspended tent they will also be able to see The South Downs beckoning them from the distance with its fantastic walks and beautiful downland pubs and villages just 3 miles away at Offham.

Guests will have their own firepit and grass pitch on the ground where they can relax around a campfire as the sun goes down, prior to climbing up into the tree tent for an exciting night hanging between the trees. Access to the tree tent will be along a raised wooden walkway that leads up from the camping meadow, and unlike all other tree houses to date, Jasons Tree Tent is suspended from trees where all others are help up by poles or built around the tree itself. Guests in The Secret Campsites Sussex Tree Tent will be able to watch the sun set in the west, and will wake to the sound of their fellow canopy dwellers singing from the tree tops. They may even feel compelled to join in with the nightingale who appears each Spring on the nature reserve adjoining the Secret campsite.

Jason and his team appeared in George Clark’s Amazing spaces TV series.

If you are interested in hearing more about the tent and when it will be available please send me an email in the comment section below. Thanks Tim

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  1. Looks magical! Can you provide any further details on when this will be available to rent?

  2. Hello,
    Would staying in one of these tents for a couple of nights in August/July be available, for 2 people? if so could you send me more information as I would most certainly be interested. My boyfriend is considering selling his camper van - so I want to keep his excitement for camping going as much as possible, and he said he wish he could live in trees, so this would be ideal!

    Thanks and all the best


  3. I cant wait to stay in the trees! Please keep me posted when we can book to stay in the tree tent :o) Your Campsite looks lovely regardless but this would be extra special!


    • Hi Reyhan,
      Thanks for your email. Hopefully the tree tent will be going live from the May bank holiday and you chould be able to book via the web site from next weekend we look forward to meeting you

  4. Hi there, is the tree tent now available for booking for a weekend this summer?

    • Morning Lucy,
      Thanks for your email. The Tree Tent will be live for booking on the site, hopefully by the end of this week and should be available from the first may bank holiday weekend.
      It should be fun, and we look forward to meetimng you
      kind regards


  5. Absolutely magical,definitely need to stay in this! Please keep me posted as to when.

  6. Are these available to rent for a weekend in October? For 2 people?

    • Afternoon Alison,
      Thanks for your message.
      They are available in October although we now only have the 18th and 19th left.
      hope that these work for you as the site shiuts down the following weekend and re opens at the end of march
      kind regards

  7. This looks amazing! What's inside the tent?

    • Morning Nicola,
      Thanks for your message.
      The Tent has 2 single beds and a small table which is soon to be replaced by a little woodburner for the cooler spring and autumn nights.
      There is storage space under the 2 beds, and steps that lead up to it. There is a firepit on the ground and you can open the 2 windows for views over the campsite and of the South Downs in the distance.
      Let me know if you need anymore information and thanks again for contacting us.
      kind regards,

  8. Wow, this looks well and truly perfect! This would be a magical get away!!

  9. Hi, is the tree tent available to rent and if so do you have prices? Thanks!

    • It is available and costs £105 per night. Thanks Tim

  10. This tent looks amazing! Could I have some prices and availability information please? 🙂

    • Morning Amy,
      The Tree Tent is £105 per night and you can book online using the book now button at the top of the page. There are a minimum of 2 nights at weekends but we have no free weekends until September. Thanks Tim

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