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Tree Tent gets a new canvas cover

The original Tree Tent went up here at The Secret Campsite in 2013. It was the first one in England. Since then its had a couple of makeovers. The first was a new frame and the second a new canvas after the original cotton one started to leak.

Upgrading the canvas

Last week the Tree Tent team, led by Jason Thawley, who used to be based at The Secret Campsite, came over to install the new cover.

The old green cover was looking very natural, covered in lichen but, was beginning to leak at the seams. So we installed a new canvas.

and smartening up the interior

Whilst they were here Will and Jodie upgraded the 3 single beds and added in extra windows, to make a 360 degree view of the campsite, fields and surrounding woods.

It was a quick job. The Tree Tent now looks resplendent in grey with a green canopy and the smartened perspex dome to gaze skywards at night.

Last of all they added the sausage. This clever accessory stops rain being blown in at the junction between the perspex canopy and the canvas cover.

The light switch was given an upgrade and we were treated to a new doormat.

All ready for the new camping season

The Tree Tent still sleeps 3 adults on single beds and has wonderful views east over the woods and into the adjoining fields which will be filled with lambs in the spring.

During March and April we are happy to take single night stays in all of our Secret Shelters apart from the Easter weekend. Once the season is in full swing, there is a 2 night minimum stay.

The nightingales will be singing here in a couple of weeks time.