Today I have been restaking and guarding any trees that have been knocked about in the strong winds that we have had here at the Secret Campsite. The weather in East Sussex has been quite exciting over the last few days, which has made erecting a new roof onto one of the buildings quite an interesting process. As a result of the weather a lot of the trees that we planted around the campsite  last winter needed to be checked. About  90%  of the trees that we put in last year survived the fantastic summer weather that we had in 2013 and they will provide a rich habitat for wildlife as well as a great border to the ancient woodland that surround the campsite. To try and ensure more of the trees make it through next year and get well established we need to clear the tree bases to avoid weeds competing with the young saplings root system and robbing them of nutrients and rain, and we also need to make sure that they are well protected from the rabbits and deer that we have in abundance in and around the Secret Campsite. It’s taken all day to complete but next year when the first buds unfurl in spring it will all feel it was worth doing well.

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