At this time of year I try to sort out any trees that have died or, more likely, that have been run into by a camper during the night. I do this prior to the sheep arriving in November to graze the camping meadow over the winter. It is one of my favourite jobs getting everything ship shape before the camping meadow returns to the resident sussex wildlife for 5  months.

This year some of the recently planted alders have blown over so I have had to prune a few, whilst some have needed to be restaked and new rabbit and deer guards put on to stop them being eaten by the sheep or the local creatures. The alders we have planted grow very fast and are great to provide screening at some of the pitches.

The job normally takes a couple of days and is perfect when the sun is shining. Last night one of the campers said they heard the stags roaring during the Deer rutting season. This is when the males lay claim to territory and defend it from any other stags. The deer rutting sound they make is very eerie, it peaks in later October. I have a friend who can do a very good impression of this, but being a human, he is still single.

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