As part of our contribution to encourage some native species into the campsite in sussex we planted a turtle dove meadow at the campsite. Although we will be lucky to see a turtle dove here the species sown in the seed mix are a fantastic supply of food for a wide range of native birds. Please not that this picture is not of a turtle dove.

To make the meadow accessible for the turtle doves we need to keep it short so it requires regular cutting and removal of the cut grasses and flowers.

Needless to say i forgot to do this a couple of weeks ago and having been ridiculed by a couple of experts and decided to get the scythe out and give it a trim. This is the result. When I remember, we will cut it in strips for the rest of the season which will create an untidy but hopefully productive restaurants at the campsite for the local birds touring around sussex.

Whilst the scythe was out i also decided to give the railway track a trim. This is less dangerous than it sounds as the track was fortunately dismantled 30+ years ago and is now a brilliant haven for wildlife, as well as a great and simple off road route to the Royal Oak in Barcombe.

I decided to take a few more high quality images as i was walking through the site. They are broadly awful photographs but hopefully they capture some of the creatures we have in residence at the moment or those who are on a short camping trip in sussex

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