We have just finished preparing some of our Sussex clay at The Secret campsite for our Turtle Dove meadow.

The meadow will be made up of a range of species that provide food for the turtle dove whose numbers have fallen catastrophically in recent years.  The mixture is as follows Early english common vetch, Birds foot trefoil, early white clover, Black medick, Early red clover, Fumitory. Sussex is a good area for Turtle Doves but the birds also require a great nesting habitat which we have also been cultivating alongside the meadow. This is best if it is a thick hedge 4m or so in height where they can raise their young. Once we have prepared the ground we hand sowed the seed mixture.

We will also be sowing some yellow rattle in to the camping meadow so that it can suppress the grass and allow wildflowers to establish. More to follow on this in the next week or so

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  1. hi any mustard and sainfoin in the mix they like them good luck and keep us informed best wishes steve

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