On Sundy I set off early from the secret campsite with my friend Cliff and his son Freddy to visit Rye Harbour.

We wanted to see the Marsh Harriers that have been making a bit of a comeback in the area. We also wanted to pay a visit to Sussex Wildlife Trusts new visitor centre on the river front. Rye is only 40 miles from The Secret Campsite Lewes and you pick your way through the beautiful sussex countryside. The landscape is filled with woods and views of the sea. Its a beautiful way to spend 60 minutes and very relaxing

Once at Pett we walked out from the seafront to the nature reserve. Almost immediately we were treated to an aerial display by these beautiful birds. They soared and circled the marshland below as the scanned the reedbeds for prey and carrion.

As we headed back to the van we think we saw a Spoonbill glide along the bottom of the valley. Its destination seemed to be the neighbouring field to us which was filled with Brent Geese.

Pett Reserve has a wonderful reservoir which is tucked into the valley bottom, before it meets the sea. This noisy body of water was filled with a wide range of birds including Black Headed Gulls, Eider Ducks, Lapwings.

Rye Harbour Visitor Centre

After elevenses, we headed back to the van and drove down to the Harbour at Rye where we cast our eye over the new visitor centre being built by Sussex Wildlife Trust.

The new building will be a fantastic destination once its built. Its right next to the river Rother and it looks out over a huge expanse of marshland. This piece of land where Sussex meets the English channel is filled with the raucous sounds of birds. You can listen to some of these noises on the RSPB’s website. Pick a bird and then scroll down to hear what they sound like.

The Sandwich Tern is very jolly but, the Eider duck is a favourite.

At the entrance to the reserve is a Holiday Park which slightly dwarfs the lovely Martell Tower thats been there for a bit longer

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