We’ll be getting involved this weekend in the RSPB’s Big Garden Bird Watch to see which of our feathered friends is living in and around the campsite at this time of year.

Sussex has lots of woodland and we are lucky that The Secret Campsite is surrounded by fantastic wildlife habitat. This makes it  great place to see a wide range of species. To the South and East we have Knowlands Wood Private nature reserve and running through the campsite we have the dismantled Lewes to East Grinstead Bluebell Railway, which is now a Site of Nature Conservation Interest, SNCI. So hopefully we won’t be disappointed.

I’m no expert, but it is always fun attempting to identify the different birds that pay the campsite a visit during the day.

I’m also appalling at taking snaps, so I had to use this one for the blog post, that I did manage to compose in the summer. It isn’t really obvious, but it is a Green Woodpecker hanging around at the edge of the grass eating some ants.

So far this year I have heard the Greater Spotted Woodpecker drumming away on his chosen tree and we still have quite a few of the winter thrushes including Fieldfare and Redwings pecking over the fallen apples that are still around. Im not sure when they head off to the East to their summer grounds. There is also a cacophony of Owl hoots

We won’t be getting a nightingale here this early in the year. Unlike my observation a few years ago which caused some smiles.

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