My love of freshly picked food sparked an order of wild garlic bulbs last week which I planted out this weekend around the campsite. I sourced the bulbs from Stonecat rural enterprises based in Denbigh.

Scott who runs the business runs a not for profit organisation distributing native garlic and bluebell bulbs as well as saplings for a number of native tree species. Wild Garlic  Allium ursinum is a brilliant seasonal addition to any shady area as it provides a delicious addition to spring salads and can make a great pesto for pasta dishes. Planting the bulbs in the green at this time of year will ensure that we have a small crop this spring. They will soon spread from the 5 or 6 small areas that we planted and provide a fantastic opportunity for foraging during the hungry months of March and April. Sussex is one of the most densely wooded counties in England and The Secret Campsite is surrounded by ancient woodland where wild garlic is particularly at home. Our plants will provide small additions to salads for any early season campers staying here in March and April. We are planting lots more edible plants around the Secret Campsite for campers to enjoy when they stay with us. Some of these can be used in teas as additions to seafood dishes cooked over the campfire or just as a beautiful addition to salads.

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