After all of the building work starts to end we can now replant some of the areas around the campsite with some interesting plants that will encourage lots of wildlife into the camping areas.

The spoil excavated from the foundations for the new building has formed a large mound on the Bank and we are using this to screen the large barn. It is great as a sterile location to plant some less aggressive grasses that will be able to flower and set seed.

The grasses we chose are

Marsh Foxtail

Crested Dogs tail

Sheeps fescue

Common bent

Tussock Grass mix

We have also sown a large area with yarrow seed which will flower later in the summer and create a haze of white flowers


These simple species will provide a food resource for a range of insects and animals aswell as providing a beautiful space for other species to encroach onto resembling a woodland edge.

We have bought all of the mixes and species from Emorsgate seeds and will be buying more to sow in the autumn.

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