This time of year is fantastic around the campsite as all of the plants that we planted start to show their produce.

We landscaped the Secret campsite with wildlife and edible plants in mind and over time, as the plants have established, they are starting to become productive.

This has meant we can now walk around the camping meadow and surrounding woods to pick nuts, fruits and berries from the trees and shrubs happily growing there.

This year has been good for some crops and hopeless for others.

This special hawthorn tree that i bought from Martin Crawford of the Agroforestry Research Trust produces delicious little fruits. They are a bit tricky to eat but have a fantastic flavour so are worth filtering through the seeds within to enjoy the flavour.

Feel free to pick what you can reach whilst you are here.

One plant you my be less tempted to pick is the tomato plant that is growing out of the old compost toilet waste container near the barn. Although i’m sure the tomatoes would taste great they have self seeded in the organic waste from the compost toilet…urrrgh.

Fortunately they haven’t ripened yet so i doubt i will have any rivals until the campsite has closed in 3 weeks time.

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