It’s a little later than normal this year as we have spent lots of our time setting up the Secret Campsite, but this week I have cut back many of the wildflower areas in and around the site now that most of the plants have set seeds and dispersed them for next year. By cutting these areas on an annual basis we encourage a habitat that is dominated by grasses as well as annual and perennial flowers. This in turn provides a great habitat for many species that rely on the flowers for food such as butterflies.

I use an Allen scythe to cut the tall vegetation down to ground level, and then rake some of this cut vegetation to use as a mulch around the tree bases. This adds a little fertility to the soil around the trees in our orchard and also helps to suppress weeds in the area above their roots. Managing the vegetation in this way has been a great help in encouraging the glow worms into the site, which we have had lots of fun looking for as the sky darkens and the stars start to twinkle

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