In order to encourage lots of wildflowers into the camping meadow at the secret campsite we need to avoid grasses becoming to dominant in the sward and thus hindering the germination of flower seeds that were dropped and shed from plants in the camping meadow during the summer. There is much talk at the moment about the importance of wildflower meadows and the help that they provide to pollinators such as bees and bunblebees who are in increasingly high demand as their numbers continue to fall.

In order to create a varied wildflower meadow at the campsite, we graze back the grass over the winter which helps flower seedling to get established early in the season. To do this grazing we employ the services of Owena’s Sussex herd of Shetland sheep.

In order for the sheep to stay here at The Secret Campsite and not to set off on a tour of Sussex, I have been putting in the fencing posts for the temporary fencing. We use an electric fence to keep them in which can be taken down once they have finished their work.

The fence is powered by a car battery that is charged up using the solar pv system on the barn roof. This is the same system that powers our solar shower block.

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