Its that time of year where normally we would have cut the wildflower meadow at the campsite, but this year we were dealt a cruel blow when the Allen scythe broke down. This parlous situation was compounded when Kevin, who fixes all of the machines at the campsite went away on holiday to escape the Sussex gloom for a couple of weeks in the sunshine. Once he was back we got the machine repaired and as a result my meadow care resumed.

Near to the shower block we have cultivated some interesting spaces for different plants to flourish. It’s here that the main wildflower meadow needs to be cut back and cleared each year to keep the soil low in nutrients. This enables the wildflowers to flourish and not be out competed by the grasses that we have also sowed here. We use wild grasses that haven’t been bred for lush growth as these have an overwhelming affect on other species, great if you are producing milk, but hopeless if you are focused on producing a diverse habitat where a wide variety of insects, mammals and birds can exist in quiet harmony. Please note this was the old turtle dove area but they didn’t turn up.

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