Today I heard an announcement from the wildlife trusts about their wildlife and wild places campaign aimed at getting children in touch with nature and the natural world. The Secret Campsite is all about experiencing the wild side of Sussex and we spend lots of time fine tuning our landscape to provide as many different and interesting habitats as possible, so this campaign by Sussex Wildlife Trust is right up our street. If you follow the link you can get a bag of goodies sent out to assist your quest for wildness

We run our wildlife festival at the campsite with the trust’s Sussex office, and the event is led by the eccentric Michael Blencowe and it is always a great success and sells out incredibly quickly.

The photo is of a duck and her brood of ducklings that just walked past my window and out onto the bank. There are quite a few magpies around at the moment so hopefully they are all discreet and get hidden promptly somewhere around the campsite.

Last week I saw a weasel outside the secret reception who was investigating a clump of rush plants so hopefully he won’t happen upon the duck and her little followers.

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