We have just signed up with Vine House Farm in Lincolnshire to have bird food delivered to the secret campsite. Vine House grow much of the seed that they sell on their farm in Spalding in Lincolnshire. The Land at Vine House is managed in a wildlife friendly way to encourage a diversity of habitats where different species can flourish. Vine House work closely with the Wildlife Trusts across the UK, Isle of Man and The Channel Islands and our branch in Sussex will benefit from the funds that they donate to the charity each year. Have a look at their website and see the products that they sell, many of which are grown on their farm and you to can turn your garden into an oasis for wildlife. We bought Peanuts, Black sunflower, Niger seed, and a bag of suet balls.

I’m cursing that I didn’t add millet to the campsites order. The tree sparrows might think that I have it in for them and things could get unpleasant.

At the Secret Campsite we have created a landscape, in this corner of Sussex, where many of the local native species can flourish such as Goldfinches, Whitethroat, Woodpeckers, Barn Owls, Moorhens and Nuthatches. These birds are all seen regularly around the campsite and this year we are hoping that our Turtle Dove meadow will attract some of these fast declining birds. Until then we need to keep the feeders stocked up to help the birds through the winter.

We also need to keep planting native species that provide a brilliant source of food even when the birds hold a party.

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