We have just built a wildlife shelter that makes use of the vegetation that we have been clearing from specific parts around the campsite. This involved us clearing a very invasive patch of ivy that had overrun the beautiful old bridge  that spans the now redundant Bluebell railway that runs through the centre of the campsite.

This bridge is a beautiful structure and there aren’t many of them left in this part of Sussex as the railways have been upgraded, so we are very keen to preserve it. The ivy makes a fantastic shelter for a wide range of species and rather than burn all of the old vegetation or turn it into mulch, we reuse it as a wonderful habitat that decomposes over time, whilst providing a rich source of nutrients and shelter for a wide range of species.

We have chosen to site the shelter near to the fire point that everyone walks past on their way out to their camping pitch, so if you keep your eyes peeled when you are here you may see one of the residents setting off to feed or returning to sleep in the evening. Last year we had a group of baby rabbits that were seen most evenings poking their noses out from underneath the firepoint much to the delight of the small group of children who were sitting nearby.

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