Its that time of year when the birds flock into the campsite in Sussex from Scandinavia to enjoy our warm weather and to eat the multitude of berries produced on our native plants, and also the cotoneaster we have in the garden. .Although The Secret Campsite is closed over the winter it remains very much open to our free guests the local wildlife. To be honest they do take the mick a bit expecting lots of free food and free shelter but by the time then summer comes we all see the benefits in creating such a brilliant space for the wildlife to thrive in. You could download a copy of our Escapees Handbook and see what else you can do when you stay with us.

This year i saw a flock of Fieldfares or Redwings bowl into the campsite on Tuesday. Frankly i struggle to tell the two apart, but the fact that they are here is welcome news although i’m sure some of the local thrushes get a bit hacked off as they all seem to eat the same fruits, basically anything red.

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