planting trees at the secret campsite

Despite the gloomy air pervading the nation, interesting and exciting things are still happening. So, we thought we’d carry on as normal and rather than just enjoy the arrival of spring here at the secret campsite on our own, we thought we would share it.

So we have decided to start sending postcards from the camping meadow that let you know whats going on. If you want to join in, just click here and each day you’ll get something to lift the spirits.

We’re realists, so not everything will be interesting but, if you fancy having a look around, pay our instagram account a visit. We’ll be sending out a virtual postcard so feel free to write back with some of your interesting news.

The refreshing thing about wildlife and nature is that it hunkers down carries on, whatever the dilemma it faces.

Every year a couple of ducks lay a clutch of eggs on one of our ponds. Most years lots of the eggs survive and the ducklings hatch out. I then watch as the numbers of ducklings waddling around the site and into the ponds decreases.

This year we spotted a couple of eggs near one of the pond. I think it might be the Moorhen so discreetly, I’m keeping my eyes peeled, but not getting my hopes up. Fingers crossed, things will go to plan for Mr and Mrs Moorhen. In their lives this is the challenge that they face every day, Jays, Magpie, Foxes, Badgers not to mention the dilemmas once the eggs hatch and the chicks start hurtling around the campsite in a long wobbling line

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