Initially, it seems to have gone very quiet here on the campsite and in the surrounding woodland. The trees are bare, we hear no insects buzzing, there are no bats flying. Amphibians and reptiles are nowhere to be seen.

However, despite the appearance of dormancy, if we pay attention, we realise that nature still seems to be quite busy!
A couple of weeks back, while waiting for the kettle to boil, we were admiring the blue tits in their thick winter feathers on the bird feeders.

Suddenly, we noticed some movement in the grasses behind. Watching very closely, we caught a glimpse of a very majestic looking roe buck. He was confidently sauntering through the grassland. We quickly hurried others to come and see, and were soon treated to an amazing view. The large deer was nibbling vegetation and grooming itself, before slowly moving away and disappearing into its surroundings.

An amazing sight! None of us were quick or stealthy enough to capture a good photograph, so you will have to take our word for it!

We seem to have the best wildlife sightings while the kettle is boiling. I suppose it forces us to slow down and pause the busy-ness that so many of us are guilty of!

Over recent weeks, although the weather has been very wet, we have seen a wide variety of birds. A greater spotted woodpeckers swooping past, hovering kestrels on the lookout for their next meal, masses of coal tits, colourful charms of goldfinches. But, now that the vegetation has died back, we regularly see green woodpeckers too.

We haven’t seen all of this wildlife because we make tea all day (though we are very big fans of a cuppa!). We’ve seen it because we slowed down and switched off.

I suppose it is proof that choosing to do absolutely nothing, even for a short while, can lead to really fantastic experiences!

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