We have just sown a few areas around the campsite with the grass predator species Yellow rattle. To encourage more wildflowers into our camping meadow we try to suppress dominant grasses from the sward which enables later establishing and finer leaved plants to establish and get growing in the spring. This will add to the beauty of the camping meadow at The Secret Campsite and make the privacy of our pitches even more alluring.

We have sown the yellow rattle seed into a prepared seedbed in the camping meadow at The Secret Campsite and following a winter of cold temperatures it will start to emerge in the spring and provide our campers with subtle yellow flowers later in the summer.

Yellow rattle plants are not often encouraged by farmers as they can severely weaken grass and reduce yields significantly, however as we are not farming the land but creating a species rich habitat where a wide range of plants and animals can flourish, it is a great addition to our armoury.

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