Our Young Spotters Snaps competition is a bit of a punt. Will anyone enter! We meet many enthusiastic young people who enthuse about their wildlife spots during their camping trip. I sometimes get to see their photos and on occasion, I feature them on our Instagram or our Facebook page.

Local photography talent!

James Pearson contacted me as he was keen to come and take photos at The Secret Campsite. He has sent in some great photos. I featured many in a previous blog post here. James has actually unknowingly prompted this competition to be set up!

Silver Fritillary by James Pearson

How to enter our competition

We would like to invite all young photographers under age of 16 years to send in their wildlife photos.These photos must be of wildlife here at The Secret Campsite. Sussex teems with wildlife. So you may have some taken wonderful photos of butterflies, birds, bees, snakes, slow worms? Who knows? Surprise us!

The winning photo will receive a £20 Book Voucher. It will certainly feature on our website and probably on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

The winning photo entrant will be notified by phone at the end of the 2020 camping season. Do send your entries to info@thesecretcampsite.co.uk along with your name and age. Lastly please confirm that we can use your photos on our social platforms.

Our local wildlife residents?

We love it when children camp here and get to see new things. A great example of this, is when we run the Secret Wildlife Festival. I always see wildlife that I don’t recognise. And I love it when the children tell me what it is.

The Secret Wildlife Festival 2019

This weeks spots?

Earlier this week, 3 small campers aged between 4 to 9 years told me their wildlife spots. Rabbits (lots), glowworms, snakes and butterfly and a toad. Humbug the cat, definitely doesn’t qualify for this competition!

Great places to spot wildlife here, are in the camping meadow, the old railway track and Knowlands Woods. Glow worms are best seen in long grasses around 9-10 pm. Get spotting and snapping!

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