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Nature and how we can help

In the last couple of weeks I have attended a couple of very forward thinking and inspiring events. Both were less than 10 miles from the Secret Campsite. One was in Brighton and the other along the coast either side of Rottingdean. We live in a very forward thinking area and Sussex based organosations are […]

Secret Wildlife Festival 2020

We have just confirmed the date for this years Secret Wildlife Festival. The festival is in its eight consecutive year and is run in conjunction with Sussex Wildlife Trust. To date, we have raised in excess of £18,000 for the Trust. This money helps to fund the Trust’s work to preserve and conserve the threatened […]

Big Garden Bird Watch

I love this part of citizens science and every year I get really excited to sit down for an hour. All i need to do is observe which of our feathered friends elects to pay s a visit. Big Garden Bird watch is the RSPBs annual plea for us to record the birds that visit […]

Lagom and The Secret Campsite

This is a Swedish word that is rather dear to our heart. We hope that it perfectly captures the approach we take at The Secret Campsite……. plus a tiny bit more. The dictionary definition is broadly somewhere in this space: in balance, appropriateness, and a Swedish Proverb implies ‘the right amount is best’. This approach […]

Trees around the campsite

Winter it is a great time to see the different shapes of our native trees. When we first set up the Secret Campsite in 2012 we planted a huge number of trees using a grant from the Woodland Trust. The Woodland Trust is a charity set up with the aim to encourage people to plant […]

Woodland around the campsite in winter

Initially, it seems to have gone very quiet here on the campsite and in the surrounding woodland. The trees are bare, we hear no insects buzzing, there are no bats flying. Amphibians and reptiles are nowhere to be seen. However, despite the appearance of dormancy, if we pay attention, we realise that nature still seems […]

The Gridshell

Jason Thawley of George Clarks amazing spaces fame, designed and built his first Gridshell for us. The structure is built from locally sourced wooden laths of ash. These are clad in a heavy duty marine canvas. The Gridshell is located in the orchard part of the campsite and has its own firepit. There is an […]

The Tree Tent

Our Tree Tent is similar to a Dormouse nest, and it was the first one to go up in England. The Tree Tent featured in George Clarkes Amazing Spaces and has been lovingly created by Brighton based designer Jason Thawley. Access to the Tree Tent is via wooden stairs, and the tent is suspended between […]

Real camping at The Secret Campsite

Our meadow camping pitches are large and well spread out. On average there is at least 15 metres in between pitches. Most of the time much more. How many can stay We limit the number of people on pitches to keep the site peaceful and to encourage lots of wildlife into the campsite. Our limit […]

Forage and Harvest

Summer seems to have quickly turned into deep Autumn. Worse still, Winter feels very much as though it’s looming just around the corner. As the days get cooler its easy to yearn for the warmer and brighter days of the Summer months. But, we’re doing our best to revel in the darkness of this time […]

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